The Power of Self- Discipline

For the last 2 weeks I have finally come to find a balance between free time and working/busy time. I find that we are over stimulated with the many things that are constantly going on around us, from our work responsibilities, to our many social events, and not not mention the social media, which has a never ending pool of constant information.

Personally, I have made a commitment with myself to schedule free/down time as much as I schedule working time; it has also been of primary importance to set aside enough time to meditate, practice, journal & study. I am finding that self discipline is really the key to keep a well balanced life, even though my previous tendency was to think of discipline as a quality that only kept me busy working towards achieving my goals; so now, that I have decided that keeping a balanced life is one of my main goals, I am being able to find a new way of seeing the concept of disciple, and this new perspective is helping me enjoy life a lot more.

This practice of slowing down and dedicating time to relax, contemplate and enjoy life has helped to create the conditions for self inquiry and more insights, in which concepts, beliefs, thinking & behaviour patterns are being identified and modified as needed.

I invite you to dedicate more time to yourself, to sit in silence and listen to what truly matters to you, to appreciate the beauty around you, to enjoy a heart to heart conversation; have the disciple to set aside enough time to what is important to you and enjoy every single second of this precious gift of life.

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