Stoke the Fire of your Desire!!!

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

~ Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.5 as translated by Eknath Easwaran

About six months ago, I found myself feeling somewhat stagnant, things seemed to be working just fine, but there was something inside me that was telling me I needed to start taking different actions. That something inside was my deepest desire talking to me, letting me know there were deeds that needed to come into alignment with some of deepest intentions. I started searching for what needed to be different and a couple of months later I embarked myself into what has been and still is, one of the most amazing growing experiences I have ever had in my life, I began my advanced teacher training with my teacher Noah Maze in Los Angeles.

Taking this training with him has been a dream and a goal I have had since 2010, and for a variety of reasons I couldn’t make it happen before. Every year I would go to his website, to look at the training programs he was offering and all I could do was to take sighs, and dream of the moment in which I could finally be there, it all seemed very distant and unreachable and I kept just breathing and wishing for the day this would finally happen. Back during fall last year, this was the desire that was speaking to me, I was longing to live this experience and something very interesting happened one night as I was seeing a post on Facebook about the training, all of a sudden something completely shifted in my mind and instead of thinking of all the many different reasons why I could not do this I thought: “well, I would love to do this now, I am ready to have this experience and if this is the right moment for me to do this, it will happen”; and just like that I started organizing my time and resources to find a way to accommodate this into my life and guess what? Well, you already know it is happening!

Taking the actions needed to find my way into doing this has been the key to make it happen, the deep desire turned into an unmeasurable willingness to find the necessary actions (deeds) to do this and my destiny has been changing as a result. I am very happy to see how everything I am learning and practicing is coming through in every class I teach and in everything I do off the mat too. Living this experience has been an inspiration, confirmation and reinforcement about how wonderful life actually is when we align ourselves with our deepest truths and intentions, which is not necessarily easy but it is absolutely worth it as this is how dreams come true.

What are your deepest desires? Are your deeds aligned with the desires of your heart? Are you willing to change your destiny and live the life of your dreams? I invite you ponder these questions and be true to yourself in your answers.

Since I find that asana practice has been the key to unveil my true power and potential, I encourage you to do the same and come practice, challenge yourself on the mat and stoke the fire of your desire, and let it guide you to create your destiny.

I hope to see you on the mat this month and invite you to participate in any or all of the special offerings of this month, please read below for details or take a quick glance at the ride hand side for brief info and for regular class schedule.

Wishing you a fantastic and magical month!


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