Stay determined to keep yourself motivated

So, we already are on the fourth month of the year, and I find myself immersed in my regular routine and at times kind of losing focus of what it is that motivates me to keep going. But life has this funny way of helping us see what we are missing, sometimes the gift of great health is taken for granted and it is only when it falls out of balance that we remember to appreciate and savor how easy and great things are when we are feeling well (which is what just happened to me) Life responsibilities and challenges are constantly moving us from side to side of the spectrum of experience, from feeling joyful, happy, energized, to feeling tired, unmotivated or lazy, nevertheless all the daily situations that threaten to bring us out of balance seem small and insignificant when we face a physical illness or discomfort, helping to put things in perspective and remember that no matter how complicated things may appear to be, as long as we have good health we have the what is needed to keep going and enjoying life. To me, it has been a journey that has made me stay very present, looking for the good around me and finding ways to stay motivated and focused to make the ride easier. It has helped me to get back on track and remember to look for things that inspire and motivate me. Do you know what motivates you? What area of your life could benefit from bringing determined inspiration and motivation to it? I invite you to think about it and to implement new positive thoughts and little actions that will help to bring more light into those areas that are challenging for you right now.
I hope to see you some time during the month on the mat as we explore this concept of determination with our bodies.

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