Set your New Year’s Intentions!

“Your ability to imagine will help the next logical steps come to you faster. Work the bugs out in your imagination. You don’t have to build little things and bigger things. You can do it all in your mind. We’re not talking about the next logical action step. Use your imagination until your big dream feels so familiar that the manifestation is the next logical step”

                                                           – Abrahah (Esther & Jerry Hicks)

Happy New Year!!! By the time you read this it will already be 2014, a whole new chapter of your life, a clean slate for all of us to start painting on the brand new canvas of our lives, 364 days to go!!!
Sitting down to write these words on the last day of 2013 was really not easy for me, as the many responsibilities of daily life and the distractions of new year’s eve preparation kept interrupting my efforts to stay seated in front of my computer; nevertheless, keep bringing my focus to do this in spite of all of it and even my own tendencies to procrastinate brings me closer to taking appropriate actions towards accomplishing one of my intentions for 2014.
I was looking for a quote that could reflect the powerful process of setting intentions for the new year, and I am very happy to share one from one of my favorite authors: Esther Hicks & the teachings of Abraham. Imagining what you want your life to be like in every possible aspect is a very powerful way to get inspired for setting intentions, even imagining your dream life without sabotaging yourself in the process could be an intention itself. The most important thing is to take the time to actually do this, to sit down and get clear on what you would like to see manifesting in your life and what you know you can work on to improve the way you feel about you and the way in which you live your life and interact with the world daily. As the quote states, you don’t have to plan every single action step you think you need to make in order to move towards your goals, though some of that is needed; one of the things I find most important in my personal experience is to work in cultivating qualities that help me enhance myself and my life.
For this new year, I have written down things I want to work on. Some of those are very specific and some of those are intentions to keep in mind such as prioritization. Even though I am usually good at time management, I tend to employ a lot of time helping loved ones and divert myself from dedicating more time to studying, to being in quietude by myself or to practicing more yoga. So, part of my work is to have a weekly/daily schedule (which I am working on) for all my tasks, even for my time off and sticking to it! I also intend to be more “true to myself”, and by that I mean expressing my thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc., and taking the actions according to all of that regardless of other people’s approval/disapproval, agreement/disagreement, as I keep in mind that what matters the most is that I stay loyal to me; remembering that at the end of the day, my point of view is not less or more valid to me depending on what others think or say. There it is, some of the colors that I started to paint with on my brand new canvas! : )

What are your intentions? I strongly encourage you to take some time to meditate, get clear and write them down if you haven’t yet. If you are having difficulties doing this, try talking to friend, it usually helps to have someone actively listening to what we say so that we can hear ourselves more clearly. I am also offering a 30 minute free coaching call to help you work on this, so if you are interested, please reply to this message and we will coordinate a phone meeting : ) If part of your intentions include deepening your yoga practice, working on some poses or sequences, or refining your alignment, please keep in mind that I offer private sessions to help you achieve your personal goals, simply email me to coordinate this : )
Another part of taking actions towards my intentions, is reflected on the schedule changes of my public classes. Time changes and class levels are now included to offer my classes at times in which most of you would most likely be able to attend; levels are included so that you know what to expect when you come to class and also to improve my chances of helping you develop your practice according to your yoga experience. Starting January 6th, my “Yoga That” classes are held on Mondays at 6:30 pm – Level 1 & 7:45 pm Level 2 & 3. Fridays at 6:30 pm is a mixed level flow class that includes a 15 minutes meditation and a pot lock afterwards; so that you get to start your weekend in a sweet connected way : )

I am still working on adding another of my promised free yoga practice videos to my website. I am working on finding a right location with the proper light and audio settings needed to make a clear and nice video that you can watch and benefit from, so stay tuned as this is coming soon!

I hope you have enjoyed the Holiday season and are now fully recharged, ready and inspired to start painting on your canvas ;- ) I wish that this year is filled with health, love, clarity, prosperity and abundance so that you get to live your life fully and live your heart’s desires. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat this month! : )

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