Reflections on Independence


“We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion” 

                            – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel- 

What an extraordinary month this is. Meaningful holiday we had last week, as Independence Day was celebrated. There seems to be something special about July, as there are many independence days celebrated during this month in different parts of the world, some of them that specially touch me, since I have been and still are, part of those cultures. Venezuela’s Independence day is on the 5th, and Colombia’s is on the 20th; both places hold a special meaning in my heart as I have lived in those countries. Definitely a great deal of passion drove all of the people who were involved in all the independence processes around the world. Independence is such a great concept to look into, from the dictionary, we get the following explanation: “Exemption from external control, interference, regulation. The power to determine action without restraint, without constraint or reserve in feelings, behavior, etc.”. It takes a great deal of courage to break free from our own fears and truly follow our hearts guidance and desires, as the definition explained above, to be free to express emotions, feelings, and behave accordingly without external influence and\or control. Pretty clear and easy to understand; however, are we always able to act from such an independent place from within ourselves? In my experience, it has not always been that way, but with a lot of awareness and practice, it has become easier and easier to break free from my own fears and limits and little by little be more like the real self that lays deep within me. It is an interesting, sometimes overwhealming process to engage oneself into, and I read something in a newsletter I get, that I really liked and that I am sharing with you today, which I think is really a great tool to use in this process of becoming more independent.

“Synchronizing with these meanings, may I suggest we embody the following affirmations — and perhaps create some for yourself individually:

    accept my unique preciousness, loving myself unconditionally

   ewness awaits me in every area of my life

D    oubt evaporates as faith surfaces

   ach day brings promises of spiritual surprises

P    eople in my life are messengers of God

   very moment is a gift from God

   ever depend on any person for your well being

   on’t just spend time – invest it by planting positive seeds

   njoy your day/week/month/year/life

   ever say ‘never’ – with God everything is possible

   hange your ‘thinking’ – change your Life

   very demonstration happens in time and on time

   elays are temporary – be patient

A    lways maintain  an attitude of gratitude

   our first success comes after your last failure”

– From Angela Peregoff-

May we keep connected to that inner passion that ignites the actions that helps us create a life we love living. May that passion be stronger than our obstacles and fears, and remind us to keep going deep inside ourselves to that place of dependece with our inner most being, where we are free to be and express who we really are. May that connection to our inner selves be so strong that it creates the necessary awareness to see  how it enhances our capacity to be in tune with the divine sparkle that is ever present in everything that exists in the Universe; from the smallest particle of sand at the beach, to every cell that constitutes the plants, animals, human beigns, stars, planets and things that exist and are part of this universe which exceed our imagination and comprehension. May that divine sparkle be the guide to your freedom.

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