Life is a Creative Art

This past weekend I went to a very cool art event in Miami and got to see a lot of galleries and different types of art. It really inspired me to write this article as I got to see how every single artist expresses her/his own view of the world through their art and it got me thinking about the many different perspectives that are present at every moment of life.

There is a saying- at least in Spanish- that states something like: “every person has their own little world inside their head” and this is completely true. Do you remember any particular situation that you may have experienced in the company of other people and yet every single person had their own interpretation or view point, which seemed to be slightly or completely different from yours? See, this is exactly what I am talking about.

All of us live in this same world, and have human bodies that allow us to live and experience the world we live in, yet at the same time, as much as we all have in common, we see the world, and our lives from a unique and particular standpoint that cannot be repeated by anyone else; this uniqueness is what allows each artist to express and create their work. Now, where am I going with all this? It was so clear to me at the galleries this past weekend that ALL of us, without exceptions, are artists of our own lives. We ALL have the capacity to create our own interpretations and inner worlds, which are then taken into actions that shape how we live our lives and what we create with them. Now, in the case of the artists it is very easy to see the projection of their world reflected in their art, you can tell a lot about their point of view by looking at what they create and how they express it. It is my belief that we all have a creative power that we are usually unaware of, and that creative power can lead us to make and build the life of our dreams or the life of our nightmares.

Art is a skill, but, of what kind? A skill to project to the outside world our inner realities and materialize our view point in one way or another.

The artists use photography, paintings, sculptures, designs and many things to offer their inner interpretations and worlds to us. Now, if you think about it, all of us having this creative capacity and the way we use it; what do you do with yours? You can write and create an article or book, you can play music and create your own song, and even more; you create the life that you are living with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and words. Then, an important question arises: what are you creating? Are you living the life you deeply truly want to live or are you living the nightmare you fear the most? See, because our creative power is so big that whatever it is we focus our attention on, positive or negative, we create, the energy we dedicate to think, feel and speak about something, materializes showing us the projection of our inner reality into the world. So, as you work in becoming aware of your needs, wants, beliefs, fears, strengths, thoughts, emotions, words, etc., you can consciously start drawing the path for changing the life you live, by artistically and skillfully projecting what you really want into every day actions and activities that enhance your live.

How do you use or express your creative capacities and offer them to the world? If your life was a work of art, a painting, a movie or a story in a book, what is it that you are drawing or sculpting every single day? Would you like to change the style of art you usually create? I invite you to think about it and also invite you to take the time to sit and meditate every day, as you will find that you actually will get to know yourself a lot better and will be able to bring light to your being by becoming aware of what goes on through your mind, what you feel and talk about, which ultimately gives you the chance to consciously choose the colors and materials you use every day to create the work of art that your life is.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alessandra Sanchez-Reyes
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 19:33:45

    Oh my Godness!
    Very inspiring!!


  2. Catalina Gomez Arismendi
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 20:08:24

    Nice!!! I agree so much
    I will love to send you an investigation we did about The Artist and its vinculation with its work..


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