Let your strengths lead the way

It is finally feeling like the summer is over here in Miami, as we started to get the temperature change many of us were so looking forward to. With the new winds of fall, come new experiences and new opportunities for experiencing different activities in life and for returning to a more inward journey as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

I always love the change of season, precisely because of how the rythms of our inner cycles begin to shift along to synch in with nature, and I personally have been able to dedicate more time to my daily practices of meditation, asana and self inquiry as the stimuli of the long summer days began to fade.

Luckily I have had time to dedicate to reading, which seems to be a sort of luxury given the state of our current hectic lifestyles; and this has helped to draw a lot of attention into the depths of my inner world, which has brought more connection to the thoughts, feelings and experiences I have been going through lately. This has stoked the fire for returning to a more focused and intense asana practice, which I find to be very liberating as I use the metaphor the mat can be for how we see the world, live our lives, see ourselves and engage with the joys and challenges of life, the mat makes all these become very clear and real.

However, the act of drawing in requires a great deal of courage. You really never know what you are going to find when you decide to pay close attention to what’s floating on the surface and going on at the bottom of the ocean of your inner experience, and even more courage is needed to take the necessary actions for engaging in the process of self growth.

Something that has worked for me, is what I highly invite you to try. Look at your strengths, make a list of them. Then look at your  self doubts and fears and see what your strengths can help you do to overcome those fears and doubts. It is all a process of drawing in, and being open to clearly see, feel, acknowledge and take responsibility for what you may find. As you begin to do the work of applying what you have learned in your daily life, you will surely find that you have the power to overcome the obstacles you have created for yourself, as well as the obstacles that are “outside” of your control. The sense of excitement, inspiration and gratitude that come from doing that work, are deeply rewarding as you begin to realize how you actually have the power to shape your own life path to accomplish your dreams and deep desires.

Wishing you sweet days, warm nights and the necessary available time to engage with your practice, I hope we meet on our mats during this month and playfully ride together, to explore and learn from one another and grow together in this beautiful life and world we are co-creating.

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