Insights March 2014

Can you believe it is practically already spring time?! As usual, time seems to be moving so fast that I find myself surprised at how quickly the winter has passed and how we find ourselves again transitioning to new beginnings when not so long ago, we transitioned into the beginnings that a new year brought.

Few months into this year, I find myself making revisions and adjustments to my life once more. Making sure I am stirring this ship in the direction that I believe is right for me, so that I can live my life according to what is important and truthful to me.

The past prolonged days of darkness offered an opportunity for great insights, which have been the enablers of all these adjustments I find myself engaged in.

As many of you already know, I started an advanced teacher training program in Los Angeles few months ago with my favorite and awesome teacher Noah Maze. I am extremely grateful to be part of an amazing group of teachers who come from all over the country and some from other parts of the world, to get together and engage in the practice of learning yoga, learning about ourselves and refining our teaching skills as well as becoming the best possible human beings we can be. It truly is a magical and life changing experience and one that has helped to get a lot more clarity about who I am as a teacher and what I have to offer to my students.

So, in an effort to put into action and practice all of the things I am learning and honoring my values and beliefs, I have found myself changing a lot of habits and patterns in all areas of my life. One of the changes that you can clearly see relate to the way I have been teaching and the change in my class schedule.

I am happy to now offer level classes as well as mixed level classes, this truly helps me offer you what you really need at any level you are at in your practice and it certainly makes my job much more enjoyable and rewarding since I get to see the progress in everyone much more easily and quickly.

As I had mentioned at the beginning of the year, I am offering level classes at Yoga That, we have now decided to offer the intermediate level class on Mondays at 6:30 pm and the basics class the same day at 7:45 pm. The Friday 6:30 pm class is becoming a favorite one since it is a flow/mixed level class that includes pranayama, chanting and meditation and aims to put into practice what we had worked on during the Monday night classes.

My mixed level class and intermediate one I share with Christy at the Standard on Wednesdays are growing and I am happy to see everyone advancing with their practice and expressing how much they learn with me.

It is truly rewarding to be able to dedicate my life to help others connect to their own power, and to feel even more confident about the techniques and skills I put into practice to facilitate this process.

I hope that you are enjoying this year so far and that you get to live your life honoring who you really are and what truly inspires you. I hope to get to see you on the mat over the next few months : )

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