Having Faith to be taken by the flow of life

I have been writing quite a lot lately and as I do, I get the urge to write and write even more. Sometimes, it is very easy to do, and some others it isn’t; however, I am enjoying this new phase as it is bringing about a very productive way to share my thoughts, feelings, insights, and it also is a good way to do catharsis. I have always had big dreams and aspirations, so big that it was easy to think they were impossible to accomplish. One of them being the urge to help people, to do something positive to help change the world, it has been an inner calling I have had very clear in my heart and mind for many years now, only that since I first started becoming aware of it, I did not know how I was going to be able to accomplish such a task; I was studying psychology back then and really didn’t know how I was going to be able to do such a thing being a psychologist, while I thought it was the right path in the sense that I was going to be touching some people’s lives, I could not see how I could massively reach out big waves of people. Now, years later, I had finally found my path, what seemed to be “unfortunate” events in my life few years ago, helped me find my biggest passion: Yoga. Now, I practice and teach yoga, I also write and I absolutely love it! It is very rewarding for me to see people smiling at the end of a class and to hear them share how great they feel, I have been getting all this amazing feedback about my classes and my writing. I have been invited to radio interviews to talk about yoga, what it is and does for me and I have been asked to deliver any message I think to be of great importance for anyone who is listening. I am beginning to feel that I am flowing with the grace of what is truly in my heart and I am enjoying it and savoring it a lot, nevertheless I am also going through one of the most difficult moments of my life since every single aspect of it is radically changing, I currently have no permanent home or job and the uncertainty of how all of it is going to work out grows every single day. So, as happy and satisfied I am; I am in such a vulnerable position at the moment! I was thinking the other day about that common saying: “Be careful what you wish for” and I found it funny as it is so absolutely true that we get everything we ask for, it is just that along with our wishes a whole great deal of situations and more often than not, “complications” come with it. However, I finally feel I am living according to what is truly important and joyful to me, and I have been getting the feeling of wonderment, aspiration and joy I felt when I was a little girl, when I used to think of the things I wanted to do when I was a grown up, and I love to remember how I didn’t think back then about the “realities” that made it seem difficult or almost impossible. Sometimes my mind begins to wonder how much time all of this changing process is going to take, and every time my thinking pattern tries to take me there, I just remember that regardless of how long it takes, I could not chose to do anything different than what I am doing right now, and so once again, I have to let go and surrender to the way life is unfolding as everything is perfect just the way it is and things happen in their perfect time. One of the greatest things my yoga practice has taught me is that there has to be a balance between effort and surrender; and I can see this reflected in the practice of every asana (pose) as well as in every single action taken in life. Everything is perfect just the way it is: situations, people, jobs, no jobs, relationships, everything; all are teachers and hold lessons that we need to experience and learn. Just working on accepting everything as it comes and trusting faithfully that it all happens in our best interest, even if it doesn’t seem to be that way in the present moment, makes all the difference. Know that meanings are shown with time and time is also so powerful that it heals, reveals, and exposes what is in everybody’s hearts. I am just learning to let myself be taken by the natural flow of life, learning to trust on it, learning to enjoy the process and to taste every single moment as it is, which is not always easy, but definitely worth it. It is now when my faith has been put to the test and it has been growing to be my greatest strength, as I trust that all these changes and uncertainties are helping me break through my deepest fears and from the liberation of them the promise of an even more satisfying life is on its way. So, one big quality that is growing on me: faith and the balanced action of right effort in everything I do and surrender to accept everything as it comes. As I read on a quote I posted on facebook, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain”, I am definitely enjoying the dance in the stormy rain, are you?

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