Finding my Passion and Following my Dreams

 Lately, I have had several insights about myself and yoga has definitely been the enabler for this extraordinary situation. I have been writing about everything I have seen, learned, changed, applied, etc., but only for myself, which is a different type of writing; at least it is for me. So now I decided it is time to put together all those ideas in a way that I can share them with the world; inspired by a conversation I had with a friend in which we discussed how success stories are always told emphasizing the successful moment itself but the process that enabled it is usually not mentioned. This year has been a very interesting and important year of my life as I finally decided to fully follow my dreams. I had been in the process of thinking about making a life change for the last 2 years and in the process, I have experienced many different emotions and thoughts. Some of them were about not being sure of what direction to take; as I debated between two different professional fields I was involved at the moment: the Human Resources Corporate world and the Yoga world.So, I may need to go back few years in order to make the story clear. I studied Psychology and finished my Bachelor’s degree in 2006, with the intention of continuing with my clinical education later on, so that I could engage in a private counseling practice. During all this time, I absolutely loved reading about psychology and learning about all the different points of view and perspectives from which one can look at the human being and I felt a strong inclination and interest towards particular themes such as: self esteem, family therapy, couples counseling and cognitive therapy. Back then, I thought about specializing in any of those areas and help a lot of people, which was always my main goal and interest, nevertheless, I did not exactly know how I was going to be able to reach as many people as I wanted, or which particular specialty I would chose. At the same time, I was working and learning a lot of skills that had little to nothing to do with Psychology, but that definitely have helped me to be able to accomplish many things. I improved my English skills, my writing, my people and analytical skills, and cultivated the capacity of handling groups of people in a training environment, as well as my motivational and conflict resolution skills. For the past 11 years of my life I have gone through different “career changes” so to speak, as I went from working in customer service for a call center, to then working on fraud protection and prevention and then finally at the human resources area. All this time I was still feeling I was searching for something I had not quite found yet. My life seemed to be missing something I could not grasp and as hard as I worked to finish my University Degree and to make the best out of my job, I felt I was going in a downward spiral where I wasn´t getting any personal satisfaction, neither going anywhere professionally speaking. All the while, for the last almost 4 years I have been practicing Yoga, which I found at the most difficult moment I have experienced so far in my life. Yoga, as I wrote on an earlier article(Yoga: what it has done to my life) helped me go through that moment and also made me learn a lot of things about myself, but it also gave me something I had been looking for my entire life: spiritual answers that made sense to me.I was very lucky to find a very inspiring, life affirming, beautiful Yoga style named Anusara. Its Tantric philosophical background has given me the peace, happiness and empowerment I had been searching for ever since I have had memory. So, while I had been practicing it, studying it and applying its principles to the classes I teach, I started feeling that satisfaction I was looking for and could not find in my job for many years; and as I debated what road to take in my life for the past two years, that sense of inner satisfaction and happiness I experienced every time I taught a class and shared my yoga with others , helped me make clear and defined my purpose in life, or I should say, the way my purpose was going to be executed. I could finally see how I could reach as many people as possible and help them in a way that all areas of their lives would be positively impacted.But the processitself wasn´t easy; I went through many different stages, from doubts about my own capacities and abilities to really become a great yoga teacher, to doubts about being able to make a living out of it, from not being sure if I could keep the commitment to stay focused on dedicating my life to it, to feeling uneasy about how my family and friends were going to take it, and how I was going to deal with it, from experiencing fear at the thought of quitting the secure income my old job provided and stepping into the uncertainty of the unknown. I had to face many of my inner demons to be able to make the decision of fully following my dreams and then take the necessary actions to make it happen. As I finally gathered the inner strength and trust to go for it and face my fears, I have began to be able to connect the dots going back and use all the different skills I developed throughout the years where I was troubled, unhappy and doubtful and see how everything I lived, all the different places I have lived in, and all the people I have known are coming together to enable this great experience I am currently going through.Conclusion: even when everything we are doing seems not to make sense, when we keep in our hearts unanswered questions, and when it is easier to succumb to negativity and desperation because we are not satisfied with the life we are leading, it all has the capacity of teaching us something either about ourselves or sometimes a skill that we need in order to be able to connect the dots at some latter moment of our lives, so that all the skills, knowledge and experiences we have had will enable us to create the life that we really want. And the most important thing is to always follow our hearts, for they contain the essence of what is truly important and that will always lead us to make the right choices.I am still in the processof making my dreams come true, and I am definitely sure that the life I want is materializing every single second, as I keep doing what I love, spreading and sharing my heart with the people around me and connecting to the Divine Power of the Universe within and outside me, my meditation practice has increased notoriously and has helped me connect  with the spirituality needed in order to live a life full of unconditional love, awareness, joy, sensitivity and meaning.Be always sure that the Universe will support our heart´s desires and keep the faith, which will empower us to take the right attitude and actions and will definitely unlock all the possibilities to make it happen. And always remember, it is all a process, be patient and live it!I want to share a beautiful quote I read the other day that perfectly denotes what I want to transmit, I wish this inspires you to believe in yourself, believe in the Universe and believe in your dreams.Farrah Yaspe –

“Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission. The admitting is often very difficult.”  “What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.”              

Julia Cameron

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