Expand your Happiness

“Life finds its purpose and fulfillment in the expansion of happiness” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

 How can you expand your happiness? Think about it, we all want to live life more fully, enjoy more, be satisfied, in other words: be happier! However, do you know what makes you happy? and if you do, are you taking the time to do that which makes you happy? Are there any other things you could do that could also bring more joy into your life?

Trying new activities, hobbies, experiences or even new yoga teachers (new to you) are all ways to be open to explore and expand your mind into new concepts and ideas; along the way, you may be surprised as you could possible find more things that make you happy. It is usually through the challenges of life and through the unfamiliar (new things) that we get to grow and evolve. So go and try new things, make the time and space to explore and seek out for more things that can help you grow and as you find your joy in doing this, you will expand your happiness. Hope to see you on the mat this month for regular classes as we play around exploring these concepts with our bodies.

There are a lot of special events coming up during the summer- very cool ones- so please look under “Schedule/Special Events..” for detailed info and to the “Class Schedule” section  for my regular schedule.

Blessings & Love!


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