Developing Patience to find Joy in the process

As we approach the end of the first month of this powerful 2012, my mind keeps focused on organizing my time and actions towards activities and practices that are in alignment with the resolutions, objectives and goals I decided to work on this New Year.

I am very happy to know that I have been doing a great job at scheduling the time I dedicate to all activities, and at keeping my mind sharp and clear to live up to all the challenges that come up every day. I am also very happy because I am finally really living the life of my dreams, a lot of the wishes and desires I have deeply wanted for the last few years, started to materialize. However, there is so much going on, I am multi tasking and while I feel very lucky, grateful and happy about all the great things that are happening and about being this busy (which I absolutely love) sometimes I catch myself wishing to see certain things in my life happening a little faster.

See, we get so busy with our daily lives and really engage in so many activities, that sometimes it seems we are doing a lot and our reality may not show all the changes we would like to see; when this happens, there is a big monster that could show up- at least it shows up for me from time to time: desperation. From it, all kinds of other uncomfortable feelings unfurl, such as anxiety, hopelessness, sometimes sadness or even anger; inducing to unhealthy thought patterns and in occasions, to behaviors that lead to take our energy field to lower vibrational levels.

When you identify with the desperate monster, you give a lot of power to those uncomfortable feelings and might easily get stuck in your growing process. As you feed the thoughts and feelings that make you stay trapped in that lower vibration, you cannot see things clearly, your vision and interpretation of events and situations in your life get obstructed and while doing so, you keep on bringing more of the things you don´t want into your life. So, instead of using these emotions as guidance, which simply are indicating us there is a need for reviewing and adjusting our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions; we might look for unassertive ways of dealing with all of it. This may show up in your life in a variety of forms, the ways in which you seek to escape from feeling “bad”, for some people it shows in unhealthy eating habits, for others in drinking or substance consumption, or even in our interactions and relationships with people around us as we might  close ourselves up or mistreat people.

Now, it is not always easy to stay in a good inner happy place, getting out of the great feeling of alignment is going to happen and that is ok, the real matter is catching yourself, and coming back to the feeling of joy, of happiness that comes from knowing you are doing your best effort, working hard on the things you know you need to work on, but at the same time, you have to remember to let go, and let everything unfold as naturally and organically as it comes to your life; which will really help you enjoy the process, every single part of it and that is how you work towards developing patience.

Patience is a great quality to cultivate, as it allows us to stay fully present in the moment, to accept and find joy in everything as it is. My yoga practice has been a great tool for cultivating this amazing quality, and as much as I have gotten better, I can still see how I need to come back to practicing the art of being patient and I am very grateful I can do this by getting on the mat and doing fun poses, especially challenging ones that I am still working on. This shows on the mat mostly when you try to learn a new pose, or a pose that requires a lot of time to be able to master it. When this happens, all kinds of reactions and thoughts come up; this is when it is very powerful to watch yourself; what are you telling yourself? Are you enjoying the process of working on something, or are you just really eager to see the results of it right away, to get the pose, result or goal- as this translates to every attitude you have in life- so that you get frustrated, angry, sad, discouraged or anxious?

Patience will help you bring joy to your life, the joy that comes from being present, from taking pleasure of every single part of the process, and  patiently paying attention to your reactions, thoughts, emotions while doing the best you can do at any given moment and letting go.  Then it is easier to experience and learn from situations, events and people just as they come and allow the Universe/Divine perfect timing to work its magic in your life so that little by little you become more comfortable with the way your life is unfolding in every area, while allowing yourself to stay in tune with the beauty of life, with the greatness that constantly surrounds you; then you easily step and flow into the currents of grace, the natural unfolding of your life.

The Universe is ALWAYS supporting you, know that your questions, requests deepest wishes and desires are answered and present themselves in your life even when things take longer than expected, it is all about having the patience to allow everything to unfold organically, even when there is a certain amount of confusion and uncertainty; just the mere practice to calmly take things as they come and give your best in everything you do, will help you keep yourself in a very good energy field that will really attract more of what you want. Divine timing is perfect, so just remember that a delay is not a denial.

I invite you to take the time to commit yourself to patiently watch your every breath, your thoughts, your reactions, emotions and feelings as you find yourself experiencing situations you wish were different and always remember you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I keep reminding myself this is the way it is, and it really is! : )

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