Creating Expansion from Deep within Ourselves

It is only when we let go of the old that we can actually make space for the new. Sounds very logical right? Yet, opening up to embrace change and uncertainty not knowing where it would all will lead to, requires not only faith and courage, but also the capacity to create space inside our minds and bodies so that we can be open to new ideas, beliefs, actions and possibilities.

Life brings about challenges and situations that sometimes can create the tendency to contract, to withdraw, to pull away from whatever is going on, when all we can really do is to surrender and let life run its course without resistance. One more time, I find that my yoga practice helps as I come to my breath, to my body, engaging in the metaphor of creating space from deep inside with subtle movements that start with the breath and then begin to manifest outwardly into body movements. This has a direct impact on the quality of the mind as it gets affected by all these differences, the physical experience of opening, creates space for the new within the body which then informs our mind of the dissimilarity we are experiencing in a physical level; conveying the same quality to blossom into our thinking minds, and welcoming new concepts, new people, ideas, activities or anything else you can think of , to enter our experience.

Building the capacity to expand isn’t easy or pleasant, so the irony lays exactly there;  dealing with the discomfort this work brings about while learning how to engage into new actions, be those physical or mental, that need to happen deep within the core of our being so that we can increase our capacity to expand. Staying in the comfort zone is easy because it is what we know, it is  only when we try new things, especially those we find harder to do that we actually grow.

I invite you to try new things, whatever it is you can think of, a new approach into your relationships, considering an idea or belief you don’t like or share, a new restaurant, new workout, whatever it may be; practice expanding out of your comfort zone and savour all the new, wonderful experiences that will manifest into your life.

Hope to see you sometime during this month in class where we will be exploring the spaciousness and expansive concepts with our bodies. Please see the “Classes” section for regular & non regular class schedule, as well as special offerings and upcoming events.

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