Choose Happiness

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”
                                                                                                                                                                                          – Howard Thurman

 What makes you come alive? For some, it may be going out for a run, or listening to music, or just using your creativity to make new things; there are so many and endless possibilities! For me, yoga makes me come alive, listening to music lifts up my mood & feeds my soul; spending time in nature is one of the most powerful, soul uplifting activities too; recognizing the many blessings that are ever present in my life such as my health, my friends & family, my home, the opportunity to help others every day, being able to choose what I want to eat, the luxury of enjoying a warm shower any time I want, the beauty that we are surrounded by in this awesome city we get to call home and all it offers; really, the list is long and I could go on and on and on.

Truth is, that what makes you come alive, brings you happiness. Happiness is a choice we make, every single second and day of our lives, and it is really something we create from the inside out regardless of what is going on externally. Long time ago, my therapist said something that has really stayed with me, he compared life with a rollercoaster, he said: … “just like a ride on rollercoaster, life has its ups and downs, as well as some moments of ease; no matter how good or bad you are doing at this moment, you can surely expect that it is going to keep on shifting and changing all the time”. I think this metaphor very accurately describes the natural process of our lives; so, knowing that the only constant of life is change and that some of those changes are going to be things we like and others will be challenging; how can you make sure you are not dependant on how or where the ride is going to stay in a place in which you are always fully and actively engaging with the process of being and remaining happy?

It is a choice, one that you consciously or unconsciously make every day since you first open your eyes. Taking the time to cultivate the habit of appreciating and giving thanks for being alive, for being healthy, for the job you have, for the loving people you share your path with, and so many other things that are always present in our lives is one way to do it. It is an active act of engaging with your thought processes so that you consciously get to choose the perspective you are deciding to see things from; to  always make it a habit to look for what is good, for what is working; specially when nothing seems to be working; and the more you get used to do this, and the more you get to engage in activities of your choosing that bring about a sense of enjoyment, excitement, or happiness, the more you will create that feeling for yourself even in the hardest moments.

As you choose happiness, you will come alive; there is a sparkle that comes out of anyone who is smiling, there is a contagious energy of joy, of excitement that emanates from people who choose to be happy, and as you get to stay in a happy place, you create a better world, and make it contagious for other people to feel the same way too.

So, go, get out, get high on life and consciously choose to be happy : ) I hope to see you in the mat this month as we get to playfully create happiness together.



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