Being Grateful during difficult times

Lately, I have experienced one more time, the deep joy of feeling and living from a place of gratitude. I had to come back to this practice for the last few weeks as soon as I noticed that my daily gratitude attitude was very low.

For the last 6 or 7 years I have worked very hard to change thinking and emotional patterns that run in auto mode; we all have those, they are the result of our experiences and beliefs; however, most of the times they could turn out to be very unuseful, specially if they are preventing us from appreciating all the good and beautiful blessings that are ever present in our daily lives.

Take this as an example, I wake up every day in a warm, comfy bed; can regularly choose what I want to eat 3 times a day, I am completely healthy and have a wonderful body that allows me to experience through my senses the amazing and beautiful world we all live in; I am blessed with the company of great people around me all the time and I am dedicating my life to my passion and dream which is to teach yoga and to write. It all sounds pretty good, doesn`t it? Yet, as I am going through many changes and some things are turning out to work the opposite way I had expected them to be, I caught myself feeling contracted and inpatient, and then I realized that my gratitude attitude and practice wasn`t as strong as it usually is. As soon as I noticed that, I began remembering and making a list of all the things I am thankful and grateful for, and very quickly I started shifting the way I felt. Then I remembered that what we sometimes consider to be unfortunate circumstances are usually the things that build up our character, help us see and learn new things, and make us who we are; but these lessons can be seen and appreciated over time.

We live in a wonderful Universe that provides us with everything we need in order to create the necessary circumstances to allow life to flourish in all the many, different and beautiful ways in which we see it everywhere: the sun, the stars, the moon, all the planets, the ocean, mountains, flowers, birds, animals and all the beauty we see everywhere all the time. Our bodies, functioning perfectly and allowing us to experience the world, to experience this life, and to freely create and do what we do every day. Such an amazing Universe that supports life in its many forms, so benevolent that it always brings to us everything we ask for and are capable of imagining. Can you believe or start believing that as well as it offers all the amazing circumstances for this life to exist, it is also allowing the necessary circumstances for you to become the best you, you can be and be grateful for it?

For those of you following up from past articles, I want to make an update on what I promised I was going to practice in my yoga mat. I have been working on my scorpions and I am now able go from headstand to viparita dandasana without assistance; I still need to refine it and work on coming back from it to down dog, and I am very happy and grateful to have this amazing, healthy body that allows me to experience the joy of creating and manifesting beauty through all these beautiful and challenging poses. What are you grateful for?

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