Yoga- What it has done to my life. Articulo Barcelona Viva

En el siuiente link puede leer el artículo publicado en la guía de primavera de Barcelona Viva en el 2011.

In the following link you can read the article that was published on the spring guide Barcelona Viva on 2011. Find the English version of this article at the bottom of this page.


Yoga- What it has done to my life.

There are so many things that Yoga has done in my life, that I don´t even know where to start. Maybe, the most important thing is to understand the context in which my life was definitely transformed by my yoga practice. I was going through one of the most difficult moments of my life: I moved to another country and had to deal with emotional and material losses that made me feel anxious, sad and without hope. Right then, a very good friend told me about yoga and I decided to try a class. Even though it was very complicated to follow all the teacher´s instructions, and I got easily tired, I very much enjoyed such new experience to me. When the class ended and reality came back to my mind, I realized that while I was in the class I could let go of all my worries; so I went back the next day and pretty much every day after that one, because I felt peaceful while I was there, such peace I didn´t have at any other moment of the day and which initially only lasted the period of time that I was in class, but that progressively helped me to cope with stress, anxiety and worries in a different way.

Three years have gone by and I have learned to take that feeling of peace to other aspects of my life. Hatha Yoga practice is a metaphor that makes us experience and face through the poses, the same challenges that life presents to us in different situations.  Through this practice, I have learned to notice the emotional reactions I tend to have towards situations that I consider to be difficult, that cause me fear, desperation, impatience and indetermination.  One of the biggest lessons I have gained is that everything that we want to do in life requires effort, perseverance, steadiness and a good attitude. Over time, I could do certain poses that at the beginning seemed impossible to do and then I began to understand that it is exactly the same for everything else that we want to do in life. I have learned to be patient on the mat while I practice what is easy and difficult for me.

I have even enjoyed the process it takes to be able to perform any pose and I don´t get frustrated anymore by not obtaining immediate results. I have seen my reactions change towards situations that make me feel fearful, and how that feeling has been transformed as I face it. My self esteem has improved a lot as I have realized I can handle things that I thought I could not handle before. Nevertheless, I think that the most important thing I have experienced and learned is to be in touch with my heart, my emotions, and to be open to feel and taste love in different ways; all kinds of love: to my parents, siblings, friends, animals, nature, the Universe and the creative force that is within all of us and all there is.

I feel deeply grateful with life for finding Yoga. My practice is constantly taking new shapes and perspectives, and I am sure that I would be able to write more about this experience within few years. I can´t definitely imagine my life without yoga and I would love if every single person, at least once, had the chance to experience such an amazing discipline, one which changes lives and makes us evolve.

Farrah Yaspe

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